Cut the cord. Keep your favorite shows.

From $97.95/month

Taxes and fees apply


All the locals like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, MPBN and LCTV.

Sports galore! NESN, ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports Boston and more!


View from your TV, iPhone/iPad, Android device and more.

No clunky set top box (STB) required.


Watch your recorded shows from any device, any time, anywhere.

Easily rewind and flip between channels like traditional TV.

Channel Lineup

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Cloud DVR

With OPENViewTV, all your recordings are stored in the cloud – you can watch them from any device! You also won’t lose any recordings from damage, storms, etc. Plus you can select how much storage you want with your feature set options.


Up to five members of your household can create a personalized profile. With OPENViewTV, you can customize your viewing preferences with your name and own avatar!

More HD Channels!

Do you love the beautiful crisp colors of high-def? With OPENViewTV all channels are HD and that means your guide isn’t cluttered with multiple versions of the same channels.

Find shows you’ll love!

Waiting for the next season of your favorite show? Or have a certain genre or actor that you really like? OPENViewTV is intuitive and tailors viewing recommendations just for you!

Channel Lineup

WPXT (CW) ESPN Discovery
WCSH (NBC) ESPN2 Investigation Discovery
LCTV NBC Sports Boston Animal Planet
WGME (CBS) NBC Sports Disney Channel
MPBN (PBS) Fox Sports 1 OWN
TJN Golf Channel Lifetime Television
QVC TNT Freeform
Weather Channel FX Network SyFy
CNBC HGTV E! Entertainment
Fox News Travel Channel Motortrend
CNN Food network NFL Network
CNN Headline News Universal Kids TLC
CSPAN 2 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
ESPNU Lifetime Real Women
ESPN Classic Disney Junior
ESPNNews Oxygen
Outdoor Channel Olympic Channel
ViceLand BBC America
American Heros Destination America
Discovery Family Discovery Life
Science DIY
FXM Disney XD
WeTV Nat Geo Wild
SEC Network RFD TV
Fox Business Network INSP
Hallmark Channel
Thriller Max
Action Max
Cinemax West
MoreMax West
HBO Family
HBO 3 Signature
HBO Comedy
HBO Zone
HBO West
HBO Family West
HBO 2 West
HBO Signature West
Showtime Extreme
Showtime Showcase
Showtime Too
Showtime Family
Showtime Next
Showtime Women
TMC Xtra
Showtime West
Showtime Extreme West
Showtime Showcase West
Showtime Too West
TMC West
TMC Xtra West
Encore Action
Encore Classic
Encore Suspense
Encore Black
Encore Westerns
Encore Family
Starz Edge
Starz Cinema
Starz Comedy
Starz Kids & Family
Ecore West
Encore Action West
Encore Classic West
Encore Suspense West
Encore Westerns West
Encore Black West
Starz West
Starz Edge West
Stars in Black


What devices are supported?

Amazon Fire TV |Amazon Fire TV 4k (3rd Gen) Pendant, Amazon Fire 4k Cube, Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen)

Apple TVApple TV 4k (5th Gen), Apple TV (4th Gen)

Android TVNvidia Shield TV

Android Smartphones/Tablets running Android 7.0 or higher

iPhones/iPads running iOS 10 or higher

Web Browsers | Chrome (latest version), Firefox, Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer

TelevisionAndroid TV, Amazon TV

What is required to install OPENViewTV?

You’ll need a compatible device as specific in our first question. Beyond that, if you’ve ever installed an app, then you have all the background you’ll need. If not, one of our CSRs can walk you through it, usually in just a couple of minutes.

Where can I watch OPENViewTV?

Due to our content agreements, live TV can only be watched from your premises where you subscribe to OPENViewTV. Content that you’ve already recorded can be streamed from any location with a suitably fast internet connection.

For example, if you’re on vacation in Florida and want to watch a live baseball game on OPENViewTV, you won’t be able to do it. If you’re on vacation in Florida and recorded a season of your favorite show to watch at night in the hotel room, that would work.

How do I install the O.P.E.N. View TV app?

The O.P.E.N View TV app is installed just like any other app from your supported device’s app store. We have video guides posted for many devices in our Support Center.

What kind of internet do I need to use O.P.E.N. View TV?

O.P.E.N. View TV requires Tidewater’s O.P.E.N. Fiber Optic internet service. If you don’t already have O.P.E.N. you can plug you address into our address search form to check for service right away.

How do I get started with O.P.E.N. View TV?

1. If you do not already own a device, order your streaming device.

2. Once your device has arrived, call in to have your account set up (this can take up to a business day).

a. You will get an email asking you to set a password for OPEN VIEW TV
b. Around 4-6 hours after your account email, your “permissions” should be updated to view channels.
c. From start to finish this account creation process takes around a day, depending on what time of day your new account is started.

3. Have the following information handy when you are ready to install and setup the device(s).

a. Device Account (ex: Amazon username and password for Fire Stick)
b. Your home Wi-Fi username and password
c. Open View Account email (the email your provided to us) and Password (provided to your email, after you call in at step 2)

Can I use O.P.E.N. View TV over Wifi?

OVTV is a high-quality app-based TV product delivered via Internet connection. Most devices that work with OVTV are Wi-Fi capable. While convenient, a Wi-Fi connection can affect the performance of your device and overall experience with OVTV. If available, Tidewater recommends using a wired Internet connection.


Streams & DVR

One Stream (includes 100 hours of Cloud DVR) – $78.76/mo

Three Streams (includes 250 hours of Cloud DVR) – $89.26/mo

Additional streams are $5/mo each.

Additional DVR time is $7.50/250 hours/mo.


All O.P.E.N. View TV Plans include the Tier 1 Channel Lineup.

Tier 2 Channel Pack – $12.24

Cinemax – $10.00

HBO – $20.00

Starz/Encore – $12.50

Showtime – $13.50