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50 Meg Fiber


100 Meg Fiber


Offer for new customers only.
May not be available at all locations.
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What is fiber optics?

Waves of light carrying data, video & voice through glass strands – thinner than a human hair – but only limited by your imagination.

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With LCI O.P.E.N.™ your speeds are guaranteed. Whether you select 50 or 100 Mbps, you always get what you paid for – guaranteed. Click here to check your current internet speeds now.



Love to stream video? We do too. LCI's Direct Peering connects you directly to Netflix, Amazon, Google, Apple, Hulu – and many more. By connecting directly you avoid the annoying buffering and lags.



The dreaded wheel of death – we hate it too. LCI O.P.E.N.™ is the answer. With virtually unlimited capacity, fiber optic internet gives you the best internet experience – ever.

But how fast is it, really?

Movie Download
Game Download
Social Media Upload

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Service details

50Mbps download/10Mbps upload
100Mbps download/20Mbps upload

Blazing speeds
No Limits
Minimize buffering
Amazing video streaming
Lightning fast downloads
Direct connections to Google, Netflix, Hulu, Apple & more
Long distance plans available.
Standard phone or VOIP phone options available
Full suite of phone features available (call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, voice mail, etc — many free!)
Business phone systems our specialty

May not be available at all locations.

About us

  • The “LTC Family of Companies” is a family owned Maine business.
  • We own and maintain thousands of miles of phone and fiber optic broadband lines in Maine. Our 50 employees are headquartered in Nobleboro, Maine where we provide: Secure Servers; Digital Switching Hubs; VOIP Soft-switch systems & hosted PBX; Engineering & System Design Department; Network Monitoring Services; a Technical Support Division; and a Customer Service Center
  • LCI Fiber Optic Network is the largest provider of “fiber to the premises” service (FTTP) in all of Coastal Maine
LCI is a member of the LTC Family of Companies.
Shirley Manning
President & Owner
Cathy Pelletier
VP Administration
Randal Manning
VP Engineering and Operations
Rick Manning
VP Engineering and Business Development

Contact us

LCI Fiber Tech Support Unit:

Phone & TV

Phone: (207) 763-9931


Phone: (207) 763-5018

Email: support@tidewater.net

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